released April 22, 2017

Невообразимой аккуратности и красоты совместная запись американского и российского музыкантов. Как следует из названия, всё крутится вокруг насекомых, а точнее — их звуков. Кузнечики, цикады, неуклюжие шмели, мошки, осы и прочие записаны с любовью и чуть подзвучены шорохом трав, гулом далеких шоссе и взмахами ветров. Очень летняя и знойная работа.


subtle subterreanean drones & microsounds from processed insect field recordings - a permanent crackling, creaking & rubbing of grass & diverse organisms mixed with environmental sounds of wind, etc.. very special drones at work here

Drone records

Jeph Jerman has a personal conception of what listening is shaped over the years & performances, and at the same time he maintains a very intimate relation with his environment, nature, matters and objects...here he shares his approach with Five Elements Music's one, an other eulogist of the organic...

The result of this common gestation is a detour via a world sheltered from sight and governed by its own rules...

"Insecta" doesn't pretend to be a scientific transcription or observation, but more of a poetic narration, a narration brought up on the wanderings of our imaginary where prevails form expressiveness and suggestive force...and paradoxically enough, the real seems better defined that way...

"Insecta" gives us to hear stridulations and buzzings, mandibles noises, the whole slowed down, mutated, rechoreographed around a driving its own progress framework...

The processed phonographies for their main part illustrate insectoid signal & behaviour through their variable habitat set against a background of bark murmurs & cracks, scrape on stones, smell of tepid humus, thin stream, other animal presence...

Each sound being an extra stroke on an elusive canvas with muddy tones...the gradual development of a topography of the unfathomable...

It consists in an high-flying exploration revolving around the shift, the inner feelings, the perception of the tenuous...like an incursion on tiptoe in an opaque sylvan zone...a vision through the other end of the telescope, a glow shed on the act of metamorphosis, the impermanence, and above all a reflection on this vague state of what is just on the threshold...

Daniel Crokaert



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